1. If anyone who succeeds in school were to put the same time, effort, and money into building a business as they do in their schooling, they would in return gain more applicable knowledge, earn more money, and have more free time.

2. Money acts as a catalyst to a person's qualities, whether good or bad.

3. Capitalism is a messed up game, but to really change the game money is required. Play the game in the field with the most expansive growth opportunities (entrepreneurship).

4. You have one life, it's entirely worth the effort to become financially free as young as possible. From then on the world is your playground, gain more money and try to make an impact in things you care about, or spend your days enjoying the beauty and experiences the world has to offer.


5. Video games are a complete waste of time (besides improving some motor function and problem solving skills), they are simply an easy action you can take to get dopamine release from your brain (an external drug of sorts). We are built to strive for a dopamine release. Gaming gives the illusion of productivity and success by immersing you in a fake reality which your brain considers your play time as productive. Life is the most robust and free world game there is, it is also the game that everyone is playing. Why spend countless hours trying to get to the leader board of a game only a small percent of the population is playing when you can strive to be at the top of the game everyone plays.


6. Chasing pathways of instant gratification gives a sort of apathy toward the tasks of life that are considered mundane. Restricting yourself from instant gratification makes these previously mundane tasks a want and not a chore. They take more time and release less dopamine but when you avoid the easy methods something like taking out the trash feels more rewarding. After completely tossing video games to the side I became depressed, my go to instant gratification was no more. Over time actions such as cleaning my room and making my real life better became my source of dopamine release and instead of improving a virtual reality I have since improved my real one.


7. Even if the government is spying on everything we do we're just a number in large set of data, it is not worth worrying about (unless you are a terrorist). Even if we are in a simulation then there is nothing to do about it. Worry about things you can do something about. Too many people complain and wish things were different.  If you can not currently make an impact work towards putting yourself in a place where you can. A universal influential piece is currency, it can be traded for pushing forward any agenda you wish.


8. If there is a god (or higher power), and that god is good, he will judge your life based on your merits, ethics, and how you treated others. If that god is bad and only cares how much you worship him, that god is not one you should worship.


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